Cricket, Meredith, Cowboy, & Alena

Meredith (Cricket's mom) is the scentologist of Cowboy & Cricket. She’s been making candles and other wax products for 5 years after a lifetime picking up every candle in a store and smelling it. Each candle and wax melt was made in her kitchen with her own only slightly-burned hands. You can reach her at

Alena (Cowboy's mom) is a Virgo and the brains behind this operation. She loves spreadsheets, ravens and Solavellan fanfic. Best way to get in touch with her is

Cricket and Cowboy are dogs.  

We founded Cowboy & Cricket in August 2017 with the intention of providing awesome unique scents to anyone willing to give it a sniff. We made our first sale on October 9, 2017! The subscription service launched in November of 2017.