It's Stranger Things Season!

Got any weekend plans? Well, we know what we’re doing - marathoning Season 2 of Stranger Things! We are pretty excited to see what’s next for our favorite pack of Indiana kids and their Eggo-loving psychokinetic friend. (Also Winona Ryder is there?? We still can’t quite get over that.)

To help you celebrate in style, we are offering 25% off our candle inspired by the mysterious “Upside Down” - a strange and dangerous parallel dimension. The Stranger Things boys take a page from Dungeons & Dragons to explain this place, saying it’s “a dark reflection, or echo, of our world ... a place of decay and death, a plane out of phase, a place of monsters ... right next to you and you do not even see it.” SPOOKY!

We’ve made our Cowboy & Cricket candle, The Upside Down, just as mysterious and layered as its namesake. Let it take you on a journey through a dozen notes combining to form a dark and sweet fragrance. You'll find creamy vanilla and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk. To top it off, we add blackberries blended with melted amber, notes of dewberry, red raspberry, jasmine, light caramel, heliotrope flower, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk. Complex, but to die for.

From now through Halloween night, take 25% off your purchase of The Upside Down at our Etsy store by using coupon code BINGEELEVEN, while supplies last. You’ll love The Upside Down so much, you’ll never want to leave.