It is a truth universally acknowledged...

Romance! Moors! Manors! British accents! If you could capture them all in a scent, our newest, Mr. Darcy, would be it.


This scent was created as an original for a dear friend's wedding whose theme was “great romances.” Obviously, Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy made the list. Originally titled “A Truth Universally Acknowledged,” we’ve rebranded it to encompass more of that infuriatingly arrogant insufferable darling dreamboat.


More of a inspired-by than a smell-alike, this scent takes the romantic English manor and transports it into your living room. It's the familiar and comforting scent of traditional Earl Grey tea blended with fresh herbs and bergamot zest, with just a touch of the roses and ivy drifting through the window. May leave you a bit breathless, no matter how headstrong you are.

Mr. Darcy is available right now on our Etsy shop and has already shipped to our loyal subscribers.