I heard that Kylo Ren is shredded.

Hi friends, it’s Alena again. Meredith told me I had to write this scent introduction because she was “too emotionally compromised” to do so, and that’s the story of how I find myself sitting here, telling you all that our January candle is an homage to Star Wars’ most emo villain, Kylo Ren*.

Never fear, this letter does NOT contain spoilers for The Last Jedi.


Kylo Ren is … well, he’s got a red lightsaber. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll know that means he is a pretty bad dude. Not unlike a certain other mask-wearing, red lightsaber-weilding Star Wars villain of the past, Kylo has a mysterious and tragic backstory. He’s misunderstood, you guys. That’s what Meredith tells me**.

Just like its namesake, our Kylo Ren candle is dark, mysterious, and complex***. Cowboy & Cricket’s January candle is made up of blackberries, lemon, ozone, and light musk topped with cardamom and rose, with a peeking hint of sandalwood. Think of the epic battle between Rey, Finn, and Kylo in the woods on Starkiller Base as you burn this one.

We hope you enjoy this tribute to Star Wars’ melodramatic malefactor. And in the words of our most beloved Space Princess and General of Our Hearts, may the Force be with you - always.****

Editor’s Notes

* AKA Ben Solo, Disney Prince
** But I can fix him
*** And best enjoyed with the lid off
**** Sustained sobbing