Love is in the air... but that's no moon.

Last month I had Alena write the scent announcement because I was too emotionally compromised to do so myself. This month is different, except not, of course. Because it involves Star Wars, and Leia Organa, and love, and crying.

If you had asked me 5 years ago who I felt like the great love stories of all time were, Han & Leia would have been about 1200th on my list. I’ve talked before about how Star Wars didn’t really do much for me growing up - it wasn’t until I was a grown adult watching The Force Awakens that I ever felt anything for it. Han & Leia were the same way.

I’ve been in the geeky crafting community for a few years now, and I’ve seen every variation of “I love you” “I know” merchandise you can imagine. T-shirts, matching mugs, even wedding rings. Every single one of them made me roll my eyes. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more boring to me than an emotionally unavailable man, except maybe one who ISN’T but thinks pretending to be is charming. Yawn.

But then I remembered this. The little-celebrated, much-ignored callback that changes everything. It makes my heart grow three sizes. It makes that hug on the Resistance base hurt so so so much more.


And so this month, when you dive into the scent of snow crocuses and ozone with a backdrop of spicy juniper berry, with a richness of the forest woods... and then mix that with smuggler-worn leather? Well, you’ve got true love, for however long it lasts.