The Cavalry's Here!

Cheers, loves! Alena coming to you this month, but only temporarily. I’m here to introduce you to our special guest blogger.

When Meredith and I decided to make a candle in honor of Tracer, from the video game Overwatch, we knew there was only one person we could ask to write about her. So we turned to our resident Tracer expert and look-alike, Riley. When Riley isn’t showing off her skills in Overwatch or rocking multi-hued pixie cuts, she can be found on her podcast, Media Mavens.

But without further ado, I’ll hand it over to Riley to explain what makes Tracer so special.

Dean inspected and approved!

Dean inspected and approved!

“Whatcha lookin’ at?”

I’ve been drawn to Tracer (aka Lena Oxton) from the moment I saw her; she’s upbeat, a fighter jet pilot, and really, really cute. (She’s just the cutest, honestly.) It’s only fitting that she gets a scent to match her personality.


I remember holding back tears while watching the trailer for Overwatch when it was announced at BlizzCon 2014. There were two women featured in the first CGI trailer (Tracer and Widomaker) and then the gameplay trailer showed us there were more - so many more (Pharah! Symmetra! Zarya!)! My Twitter feed was full of people screaming into the void about the diversity Overwatch was putting out there.



Since then, Tracer has become the figurehead for anything Overwatch. She’s their mascot, their logo for the Overwatch League and two years ago the Overwatch team wrote a comic about her and her girlfriend, Emily.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as affected by a reveal in my life. I read the comic at work, and ran to the washroom so I could cry in peace. Since then, Michael Chu (the lead writer at Overwatch) has said that yes, Tracer identifies as a lesbian. So Overwatch, this ridiculous first-person team shooter from a AAA video game company has Tracer, a queer woman as their mascot.

Getting this candle in the mail was like getting a small piece of the woman I imagine Tracer would be. I opened the tin and was met by that marshmallow sugar smell that took me right back to making rice krispie squares with my mom. Tracer’s candle is subtly sweet, with a hint of that orange fizzy drink I loved as a kid. (If you’ve been to a camp or Girl Guides clubs, you’ll know what I mean.)

To be honest, this candle is like her in the game as well - the smell isn’t overpowering, it sneaks in and reminds you that it’s still there (by back-capping the point because you LEFT).

They didn’t show any candles in Tracer and Emily’s apartment but if they do have candles, I think they would smell like this one.

download (1).png

Thanks to Riley for making both of us weepy as she explained why Tracer means so much. Cheers, Love is our ode to Tracer - a juicy and fruity complex of lemon, mandarin and tangerine spiked with hints of fresh ginger with just the sweetest, lightest topping of fluffy marshmallow - now for sale on our Etsy shop!