It All Bleeds Together in the Drift

Spring is here, which means it’s time for sunny days, blossoming flowers, birds chirping and … giant sea monsters hellbent on destroying humanity emerging from an interdimensional portal at the bottom of the ocean. Yep, you read that right - our April candle celebrates Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Our newest scent is called Drift Compatible and is a fresh, clean, and salty ozone mix with the greeny musk of ocean flora in an intriguing and cool scent reminiscent of an ocean breeze post-thunderstorm. You can purchase Drift Compatible on our Etsy store starting today!

This month, we asked our friend and candle connoisseur, Cherie, to write about the inspiration behind our new scent. And because Cherie is as passionate about good fan fiction as she is about extraordinary candles, she decided she would write us a bit of fanfic as well.

Pacific Rim is one of my favorite movies. It’s got everything – action, adventure, a kickin soundtrack, giant monsters fighting giant robots, heaps of unresolved sexual tension, Idris freakin Elba – which is why I was more than happy to be one of the first people go get a chance to sample the newest offering from Cowboy and Cricket: Drift Compatible.


The candle’s packaging is stylish as always, done up in thematically appropriate kaiju blue. But when you open the lid, instead of getting a dose of toxic gas, you get a pleasant, clean, soapy smell with a hint of salt. Newt would be disappointed, but I’m definitely not.  

This is wonderful enough on its own. It makes me think of the way my hair smells after I’ve come back from a day at the beach (or, say, after I’ve fled the ocean because Yamarashi is about to break the Queen Mary in half). The candlemakers could have stopped there and called it a job well done. But when you light it, green undertones of sweet kelp start to shine through. This is one of the things I love best about the candles from Cowboy and Cricket: the complex layers baked into each scent provide a captivating sensory experience. Like something you’d encounter in the drift.

Thanks, Cowboy and Cricket, for letting me have dibs on this awesome candle. I’ll definitely be restocking when I’ve used it all.

Drift Compatible - a short fic by Cherie

The drift isn’t just images. It’s sound, it’s touch, it’s taste, it’s smell. They don’t prepare you for that at the academy. Or maybe they do? Mako can’t remember. She’s walking inside Raleigh’s head, and he’s in hers. It’s hard to tell what’s her and what’s him. It all bleeds together in the drift.


Reality bends around her. She sees Yancy taping a photo to a wall, and she’s the one holding the tape dispenser. She hears a car engine revving, and it’s the car sensei used to first teach her basic engine repairs, but it’s Raleigh underneath the car, not her. She tastes pistachio ice cream (and likes it, likes it a lot, and she’s never liked it before). She runs her hands over the leather of an old bomber jacket, this time sure that it’s one of her memories, sure that her father had a jacket just like that before- before he-

Don’t chase the rabbit, Mako.

She pulls back. She’s in someone’s quarters now. Not Raleigh’s. Not hers, either. A familiar smell surrounds her, like green grass, like sea salt, like sensei’s aftershave. Like Yancy’s cologne.


There’s a candle burning on the windowsill.

The flame flickers and flares and soon she sees the face of her father. Her mother. Tamsin on her hospital bed. Raleigh’s grandmother. His parents, Dominique and Richard. The Weis. The Kaidonovskys. Chuck. Yancy, yanked away into a storm with teeth. Lightcap, lost to her last drift experiment. Sensei’s voice over the radio, a crackle of static, and an underwater boom.

Gentle pressure on her shoulder pulls her back into the room with the candle. Raleigh. He’s next to her, solid and steady. Their shared memories have gone quiet around them. She knows without looking at him that his eyes are fixed, along with hers, on the little flickering light on the windowsill of Yancy’s room.

“The people we love are never gone,” he says.

“No,” she agrees, and sees Stacker, as young as the first time she saw him, the sun radiant behind his head. “We can always find them in the drift.”