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When I think back to Septembers during my teenage years, I’m reminded of fresh notebooks, new pens, the latest color-blocked sheets for an extremely uncomfortable dorm mattress, and chilly nights spent at bonfire parties. But this month’s new scent harkens back to a different sort of memory of autumn nights - the kind filled with ghosts and banshees, shapeshifters and hellhounds. Our newest scent, Devil’s Trap, is all about autumn nights spent with the Winchester brothers.


Supernatural is about to begin its fourteenth season, meaning that when it first started I was actually still buying those fancy sheets for my dorm room. (But let’s not think about that.) This monster-of-the-week show has managed to remain so popular for so long thanks in no small part to the constant sass and sarcasm that’s traded between Sam and Dean Winchester, the brothers who are at the center of the show. But through every monster and every moment of dramatic tension, the Winchesters know that they can always depend on one another. And, when all else fails, they can depend on the Devil’s Trap.


A deep musk mixes with the smell of a crackling fireplace (or hellfire, if you will), mixed with a hint of earthy salt is mixed with notes of amber, geranium, and lily of the valley add to the musk flower and woody base notes. This scent is also infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and geranium. In Supernatural, the Devil’s Trap is the ultimate protection from malevolent spirits - a “gotcha” the Winchester boys use over and over again when it seems like they’re at the end of their ropes. A sigil drawn in salt, the trap contains evil things within it, keeping our good brothers safe from harm.

We hope our Devil’s Trap candles and melts bring comfort to your chilly autumn nights - whether they are spent huddled around a bonfire, studying for your first exam of the semester, or on a never-ending, increasingly dangerous, cross-country roadtrip with your annoying brother.

Happy hunting!