When You Have Eliminated the Impossible...

It’s Elementary, dear candle lovers!

Our Cowboy & Cricket seasonal scent for April is a gentleman’s study, featuring a crackling fire - in scent form of course. Think fresh, rich tobacco mixed with vanilla, bourbon, and cardamom. Trust us, it doesn’t smell like cigarettes - instead, it’s heavenly.


We’re not here to start a fight about which Sherlock is the best Sherlock (though we definitely think there’s a correct answer to this question*), so we’re happy to let our new scent represent any Sherlock(s) you’ve come to love**.

Super scent sleuths who are long-time fans of Meredith’s candles may recognize Elementary as an updated version of 221B. Many of our customers and subscribers frequently request that we bring this old favorite back, so (much like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) we listened! Don’t worry - Sherlock managed to survive the plunge over Reichenbach Falls just as this beloved old scent has triumphantly clawed its way back out of retirement.

Elementary is available right now on Etsy in Candle and Wax Melt form.

*Sherlocks who hang around with Lucy Liu are clearly awesome, just saying.

** Sherlocks who are also vampires are also pretty cool, tbh.