Oh Captain, Our Captain!

Our December candle celebrates something we’re looking forward to in the new year. Get ready for more epic speeches on morality, more gravitas than should fit into a single human being, and more facepalms that will make you hope you never embarrass this man yourself.

Get ready for the return of Captain Picard.

(In case you hadn’t heard, he’s getting a new series soon!)


While later Star Trek series explored the darker side of The Federation, The Next Generation and Captain Picard specifically showed us a hopeful future in which a steadfast conscience at the helm could lead humanity to a greater understanding of the universe and the other beings inhabiting it.

This month, we’re bringing you Captain Picard’s drink of choice in candle form, with our hopes that it warms your winter months and brings you some of the serenity and wisdom it always provided Jean Luc. Beam yourself to the bridge of the Enterprise-D with the soothing familiar scent of warm bergamot in traditional Earl Grey tea, complemented with a tiny sprig of clove for a little extra spice.

Enjoy Make It So in both tin and melt form, available on our Etsy shop today! And a very happy holiday to you and yours from the gang here at Cowboy & Cricket.