One shot, one kill

This June, at least one half of our team at Cowboy & Cricket is getting very excited about the upcoming stage playoffs of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. In celebration of NYXL’s eventual and unstoppable win (YOU JUST JINXED IT, ME), we’re adding a second Overwatch hero to our candle lineup with our newest scent, Magnifique.


Overwatch’s deadliest assassin, Widowmaker, promises “One shot, one kill,” each time she peers down her sights at the opposing team. In reality, most non-professional players know it’s more like “Ten shots, maybe one kill,” but there’s no need to split hairs. Just as watching professional Widowmaker play makes us aspire to make the shots like the pros, so to will smelling Magnifique have you believing that you can be just as classy and mysterious as Widow herself.


Made with our favorite French sniper in mind, this dark and prowling scent blends intricate layers of spicy black pepper, uplifting bergamot and lavender, and just a wafting of fresh tobacco.

Magnifique is available now for a limited time on our Etsy Shop and via our Subscription Boxes! You can also get a special discount if you pick up both our Overwatch Candles in a duo.