Curiouser and curiouser!


I think most little kids go through an Alice in Wonderland phase - a lot of little girls did I knew, did, at least. And then we all went through it again sometime in high school when you take the writing and the drawings from the original Carroll illustrations and realize they’re exactly the kind of weird you’ve found your awkward, gawky teen experience to be.

And then for a third time, you discover Alice again as an adult. She is the picture of innocence and the embodiment of feeling lost, overwhelmed, and completely out of your depth. But also so very curious. Even in the face of the weird, the confusing, the downright terrifying - we keep looking, we keep asking questions, we keep trying to adventure and survive and journey on because we never know when this beautiful, horrible fever dream might end.

I didn’t really expect this to be a particularly soul-searching blog post on my part - Unbirthday Cake was created as a celebration of the goofiest parts of Alice in Wonderland. The neverending tea party, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the frustration and wonder Alice feels when she tries to make sense of decorum run by chaos. But there’s something beneath that surface, too, isn’t there? Desperately looking for something to celebrate amidst chaos. Just like the real world, sometimes.


The scent started with a base that Alena has always loved and has been not so subtly begging me to do something with for months. Fans of S&D will know that base as Sansa’s Favorite, and you’ll get the mouth-watering aroma of warm lemon pound cake with a drizzle of the tart and sweet tang of blackberry. Top it with just a hint of sage and other slight spices. The fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including lemon, clove, clover leaf, ginger, lavender, orange, and sage. Despite it’s aroma, there is no EAT ME tag on this one, so please don’t.

So here we are - celebrating you today. Unbirthday Cake is available on Etsy in both 4 oz tins and 2.75 oz wax melts. Stay curious & curiouser.