We come from the land of the ice and snow...

Avengers: Infinity War opened this weekend and my terror of my fellow enthusiastic nerds has kept me out of the theaters so far. I've yet to find out of she’s in it or not, but honestly, as the adults-imitating-kids say, IDGAF.


Valkyrie was expertly brought to life by Tessa Thompson in what many considered an unconventional (read: not white) choice. But after just seconds on screen with her facepaint and her devil-may-care drinking and her survivor’s guilt, I’d already pledged my sword to fight monsters for her (not that she couldn’t handle her own dang self). Her presence in Thor: Ragnarok stole the show (and my heart) in a movie made up entirely of scene-stealing characters.

So let’s talk about how the scent came to be. Valkyrie’s character is a unique blend of the traditionally masculine and feminine that we don’t see represented much, and it was so important to me that I not lean too hard in either direction. It made sense that we use a spirit scent as the base, but it was critical that not be overpowering -- after all, if a person is the sum of their actions, she’s much more than drinks. The sweet but woodsy blend of fig tree has always been a favorite of mine that I’ve wanted to bring back for a long time (you might remember it as Godswood from my old brand, Simon & Duffy). So mixing them together winds up spicy, sweet, and a little bit down-to-earth, in something that I could only hope would make Tessa and Valkyrie proud.


May’s scent is an musky, masculine scent with a touch of sweetness and spice. The smell of fig trees with a rolling overtone of a good whiskey blend, this one is a sweet and a little bit earthy, including grapefruit, patchouli, orange, and lemon.

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